This is the step-by-step guide to scheduling reports in BACON.
A video guide is also available that you can watch here:

  1. To to schedule reports, navigate to the Scheduled page.

  2. Click the add button to create a new record and select Email Report on the menu. 

  3. Then choose which report to email. As an example we will go to Prime Costs and select Prime Cost Detailed. 

  4. Once you select which type of report you want to be scheduled, you can set the following options: 
    Name - what you want to call this report
    Interval - if you have it on Repeat, you can set the report to be emailed Weekly, Monthly, Yearly or Quarterly
    Repeat - if you want the report to be sent regularly at a specified Day (weekly interval), Date (monthly and yearly interval) or Quarter.
    Recipient - email that the report should be sent to. (NOTE: It must be a that exists in your BACON account)
    Range - the amount of data you want to be shown in the report (e.g Last week's data, Last Year's data, etc.)
    In this example, we kept the default name, set it to weekly, repeating every Tuesday, and shows us last week's data. You can choose to include Discounts and Group Salaries in the report but for now, we disabled it.

  5. Save the scheduled report when done, and it will appear in your list of scheduled items. Click the options button whether you want to edit any details or delete the scheduled item.