Gone are the days of painstakingly inputting each and every line of data with BACON integrations.  

For a detailed instruction on how to use this feature, you can check out the video tutorial for Integrations inside BACON's tutorials: https://app.clickbacon.com/tutorials?tour=integration-video

BACON can integrate with any POS system provided they are able to generate a report in .csv or .xls format. If your POS system is not listed in our dropdown menu, you can easily submit a report on this page.  

Note: Our development team will map out your report free of charge which can take 3-5 business days (but often sooner!) to be able to support your POS reports. Once we have it mapped out, you'll be asked to match your BACON Accounts/Categories with the same ones in your POS the first time. After that everything is as easy as importing your files.

How to use POS Integrations:

Quickly and easily upload your sales, labor, and purchase reports!

We recommended that you set up your BACON Accounts/Categories in the same way how your POS is setup to avoid confusion. For example, if your POS setup breaks down the Food Category into Appetizers, Entrees, etc. it needs to be the same in BACON so the app will know where to put data. 

When you're importing your very first report in integrations, a window will pop-up in BACON where you can add these categories and match them so the app will know where to put your data.

  1. From the left sidebar, under Integrations, choose IMPORT DATA.  

  2. Choose your POS system from the drop-down options and the report type then choose which file to upload from your computer.