After connecting QuickBooks to clickBACON account, match up your accounts. What's important is that you match whatever your QB Food category is to BACON's Food category, Beverage category, so on and so forth.

For each line item, choose the account type (Sales/CoGS/Inventory, Labor, Expense or choose not to include it), specify whether it is a sale or purchase and match it up to your clickBACON accounts.  


When finished, scroll down and click on NEXT 

Afterwards, select the period of time you wish to import data from.  Please note, this can take some time.  Once complete, you will be redirected back to your Dashboard. 

Note:  If you have new accounts you'd like to bring into BACON, you can go back to the account matching page at any time by clicking on SETTINGS > API INTEGRATION > QUICKBOOKS > MATCH ACCOUNTS.  

Once the initial matching is complete, you can simply click the 'Update from QuickBooks' button at the top of the page to quickly update your information any time you choose.