This guide is the second part of setting up the QuickBooks integration. This is the hard part of the setup so please bear with us. After connecting, you'll need to match up your QuickBooks accounts/categories to their equivalent in BACON. 

This means whatever your Food, Beverage or Beer accounts is named in your QuickBooks account, you'll need to point them to the Food, Beverage or Beer accounts in clickBACON so the app will know where to save the data. This applies to Labor positions and Expenses as well.

Before going through the guide, we do have an Auto-Match feature. This will do this part of the QuickBooks integration setup automatically for you with a few clicks:

If the Auto-Match feature isn't working for you or if you want to do this setup manually, proceed to the guide. 

We'll focus on setting up our Sales categories for now but the same steps will apply to your Labor and Expenses. You can check out a quick video of this guide as well: QuickBooks Accounts Matching Video

Let's get started! 

First, after successfully connecting your QuickBooks account, you'll be redirected to the Account Matching Page. You'll see a list of your QuickBooks categories.

Note: We are using our QuickBooks test account so what's listed here will be different for every user.

Choose where your Food, Beer or Beverage Sales is saved. In our QuickBooks test account, it's located in 'Income'. After clicking on it, our Sales accounts is listed below.

Next you'll need to choose the account type. Since we're focusing on our Sales in this guide, choose this option.

Tip: By default, we don't save any data from QuickBooks unless it has matching clickBACON accounts. But you can use the 'Don't Include' option if you don't want to import an already matched account. 

Then we'll need to select which clickBACON account to match this to. In this guide, both accounts are named as 'Food' so it will be a simple matching. Do this for the rest of your Sales accounts. 

IMPORTANT! If you have additional accounts/categories in QuickBooks that don't exist in BACON, for example Food sales broken down into Entrée, Appetizers, Mains. You'll need to add them to clickBACON as well before matching, there's an -Add Account- option in the dropdown menu for this purpose. Then you can refer to this guide on for more info on how to rename or add categories in BACON:

If you've matched your accounts/categories to their corresponding equivalents, click on 'Next'.

Afterwards, you can select which month's data you want to save to BACON. Click 'IMPORT' to proceed.

This process may take a few seconds depending on the amount of data you're importing. When it's done, you can find the data saved in your Sales, Labor or Purchases.

If there's a setting you wish to change, you can always go back to the Account Matching Page by going to Settings > API INTEGRATION > MATCH ACCOUNTS