Here is a step-by-step guide on how to manage your daily purchases on your account. A video tutorial is available inside the app:

  1. To enter daily purchases, navigate to the left corner of the screen. You will see the “Transactions” option. Once you hover over it, the “Sales”, “Purchases”, “Labor”, and “Inventory” options are displayed. Click on “Transactions” or "Purchases" to go directly to the page. 

  2. If you click on "Transactions" you will be redirected to the transactions calendar (Skip to step 4 if you clicked on "Purchases"). To enter a new purchase on the Transactions page, select the next day from the previous purchase.  

  3. Then you will be presented with 3 options, “Purchase”, “Sales” and “Labor”. Click on “Purchase”. 

  4. Once clicked, you will then be redirected to the “Purchases” page. There the date, invoice number, and the vendor can be set. Enter the date and invoice number. 

    NOTE: Please make sure the date you enter is correct. Also, if the purchase does not include an invoice number it is required to create one. You can use anything you'd like, but we recommend the invoice number format“: VENDORINITIALS-YYYY-MM-DD”. 

  5. For vendors, you can select from an existing vendor but a new one can also be created by selecting the “-Create new vendor-“ option. If selected, it will automatically go to the “Create Vendor” page. 

    NOTE: See steps 3-6 of the Adding and Editing Vendors guide for further details. 

  6. Once a vendor has been selected the categories associated with them are listed. You can also sort the categories by clicking and holding the sort button(see below), then dragging it up or down.  

  7. Categories can also be added easily by clicking the “Add Category” button. It will go to the “Edit Vendor” page if clicked. 

    NOTE: See steps 3-6 of the Adding and Editing Vendors guide for further details. 

  8. Finally, enter the amount from every item purchased by category. If there are other expenses such as tax and freight, click on the “Other Expenses” button and enter the amount. 

  9. Once you’re done, click on “Save” to enter the daily purchase.

This completes the guide on how to enter your daily purchases using the Transaction page.

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