This is a step-by-step guide on how to use Transfers on your BACON account. Transfers are a useful function for Multi-user accounts who transfers goods/products internally between their different restaurants.

Please note:

  • In our examples we are using data from a current BACON user who owns multiple locations, a Central Kitchen where most of the food is prepared and then delivered to their 3 other restaurant locations.

  • To ensure the user's security, certain info in the screenshots will have to be blurred and no new data is entered.

  • Transfers are only available for multi-user accounts as they are not needed for single restaurants.

Let's start:

  1. First, you can find the TRANSFER function on the left side menu pane under TRANSACTIONS. 

  2. On the Transfers page, you will see a list of all entries made. Click the plus sign to create a new transfer.

  3. When adding a new transfer, you can select which of your locations to transfer to, when to transfer (the date), from what category, and to which category. 

  4. In this example, the kitchen is transferring food in between restaurants so we have set both 'To' and 'From' categories to Food. The amount will depend on the user as to how much the total cost is of the food items they are transferring. Click on SAVE when done. 

How Transfers are calculated into your CoGS:

  • Transfers aren't a separate category within your CoGS. Once a transfer is made, the amount will automatically be made as a purchase entry. For a clearer picture, we will be referencing a Transfer made on Aug. 6 2023. In this case Restaurant #1 is a central kitchen that is transferring pastries to Restaurant #2.  

  • Since August 6th has passed, the transfer has been made and calculated by BACON. Here is how a Transfer is applied for the recipient of the Transfer. On the purchases page, you can see the entry marked as  TRANSFER IN  which confirms the transfer has been made. This will be automatically calculated to your overall purchases in the CoGS reports. 

  • For the source account, the entry is marked as  TRANSFER OUT , this will also be calculated in the overall purchases which will reflect in the CoGS report. 

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